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Sitecore Certification Sample Questions

Sitecore Certification Sample Questions

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I have completed the Sitecore 9 certification in 2019 and Sitecore 8.2 Certification in 2018. Let me tell you if you have some knowledge about Sitecore then it will be easier for you to understand questions and clear certification exam. Your main focus should be to understand the questions and answers carefully because it is too confusing

There will be two options to give the exam:
  1. Install the software in your laptop (Laptop should have mic and webcam)
  2. Authorized training Center
If you have proper Internet, then you can choose option 1 otherwise option 2 is a good choice.

Disclaimer: Please note that the below question is only for information purpose only. Below question does not claim the accuracy of the content.

Sample Questions:

Question 1: What is the name of Component architecture guideline of Sitecore?
Answer: Helix

Question 2: What is horizontal scaling and vertical scaling?

Question 3:Which databases is required for CD server?
Answer: Web and Core

Question 4:What can be the reason $token is visible in one of the items as “$token” and not replace it with its value?
Answer: $token will replace by value for new items, not the old ones

Question 5:Which DLL is required to get RenderingContext?
Answer: Sitecore.MVC.Dll

Question 6:What is the difference between Shared and Final Layouts?
Shared Layout: Controls which is added in the shared layout is shared in all language and numbered versions
Final Layout: Changes which is made in Final layout are specific to that language and version

Question 7:Which tag use in Layers.config file to define the sequence of execution of config files?
Answer: <loadOrder>

Question 8: How to force the Content editor to create similar kind items under article?
Answer: Insert Option

Question 9:Which roles access right will take precedence?
Answer: Deny

Question 10:What is a difference between Smart, Republish and Incremental Publish?

Question 11: What this code do Sitecore.Globalization.Translate.Text("Title")?
Answer: Get phrase of dictionary key “Title”

Question 12:What is the difference GetChildren() vs GetDescendants()?
GetChildren: Returns all the direct children of an item.
GetDescendants: Returns all the items under an item

Question 13:What is a difference between Treelist and TreelistEx?
Answer: Treelist always load while TreelistEx loads on demand

Question 14:Why we set icons in Sitecore?
Answer: To uniquely and easily identify the item

Question 15:What are the different tokens supported by Sitecore?
        $name: The name for the new item entered by the user
        $id: The ID of the new item
        $parentid: The ID of the parent of the new item
        $parentname: The name of the parent of the new item
        $date: The system date in yyyyMMdd format
        $time: The system time in HHmmss format
        $now: The system date and time in yyyyMMddTHHmmss format

Question 16:What are the Different types of Databases available in Sitecore?
Answer: Master, Core, Web

Question 17:Which editor is mainly designed for no technical Content Editor?
Answer:Experience Editor

Question 18: How to get data from xDB?
Answer: xConnect

Question 19: What is the use of Standard Template?
Answer:To store data that is hidden and use for an internal purpose

Question 20:What is the use of the Core  database?
Answer: Environment settings and Membership details

Question 21: Why Sitecore have Master and Web database?
Answer: Changes in Master database in sandbox mode didn’t affect LIVE website mode

Question 22: You have used Group by clause to get a result from the index, but you didn’t get anything, why?
Answer: Group by clause is not supported by Sitecore search API

Question 23: Match the pair
Sitecore products and modules download after 8.0 -> Sitecore developer Portal
Sitecore videos -> Sitecore YouTube channel
Sitecore products and modules download before 8.0 -> Sitecore developer Network
Raise tickets for issues ->

Question 24: Which field is editable inline in Experience Editor
a. Treelist
b. Multilist
c. Datetime
d. Checkbox
Answer: Datetime

Question 25: How you find items in buckets?
Answer: Content Search API

Question 26: How to edit Treelist in experience Editor?
Answer: Use edit frame and add buttons in toolbar

Question 27: How to do specify static component in cshtml file?
Answer: @HTML.Sitecore().Renderings(“Path  or ID”)

Question 28: What is the use of Sitecore packages?
Answer:  to create Zip files that contain items and code files and to install it on some another Sitecore instance

Question 29: You have Title field in Event template and Title field in Article Template. What you will do to follow the recommended approach?
Answer: Create a base template and inherit on both

Question 30: How does Sitecore knows you are a returning customer?
Answer: By calling Identify() method


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