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Sitecore Publishing Service with Sitecore 9.2

Sitecore Publishing Service with Sitecore 9.2

Sitecore publishing service (SPS) 1.1 has been launched with Sitecore 8.2, it is an optional replacement of existing Sitecore publishing. Sitecore publishing service module reduces the time spend on publishing large volumes of items also it improves the user experience.

SPS runs outside from the Content Management worker process as it SPS runs separate service and move data from master to web database.

When Content Editor does any changes, CM server sends a signal to SPS that what changes had been done, then SPS will calculate a manifest of what needs to be publish. After publishing, SPS will send the signal to CM servers that what has been written so that they can update search indexes and clear affected cache, etc.

The module has 2 parts.
  • Sitecore Publishing Service Module Package
  • Publishing Host Service



Follow below steps:
  • Exact Sitecore Publishing Service folder inside C:\inetpub\wwwroot\
  • Now we need to set up website in IIS, so for that open IIS and add a new website.
Sitecore Publishing Service with Sitecore 9.2

  • Fill details as mentioned in below image.
Sitecore Publishing Service with Sitecore 9.2

  • Now go to Application pool and right-click on your application pool, then select Basic Settings and changed .NET  CLR version to “No Managed Code” .
Sitecore Publishing Service with Sitecore 9.2
  • Add domain into the host file     sitecorepublishingservice  

  • Now we need to update connection string of the Sitecore instance which you want to use, so for that go to this location C:\inetpub\wwwroot\XXX\config\global and create file from and paste below code.

         <Master>Data Source=XXX;Initial Catalog=XX_Master;User ID=XX;Password=XX</Master>  
         <Core>Data Source=XXX;Initial Catalog=XX_Core;User ID=XX;Password=XX</Core>  
         <Web>Data Source=XXX;Initial Catalog=XX_Web;User ID=XX;Password=XX</Web>  

  • Now open the command prompt and go to this location C:\inetpub\wwwroot\xxx and run this command “Sitecore.Framework.Publishing.Host schema upgrade --force
Sitecore Publishing Service with Sitecore 9.2

  • Now hit this URL http://{site url}/api/publishing/operations/status, it should display {“status”:0}
Sitecore Publishing Service with Sitecore 9.2
Sitecore Publishing Service with Sitecore 9.2

  • Now go to Sitecore instance and install Sitecore Publishing Service Module
  • After that open Sitecore.Publishing.Service.config from this folder App_Config\Modules\PublishingService And update “PublishingService.UrlRoot”settings 

 <setting name="PublishingService.UrlRoot" value="http://URL/"></setting>  

  • When you will publish individual item, you will see below popup.

Sitecore Publishing Service with Sitecore 9.2

  • Also, you can see Publishing Icon in the dashboard where you can see active jobs, queued jobs and recent jobs in the dashboard.

Sitecore Publishing Service with Sitecore 9.2

Sitecore Publishing Service with Sitecore 9.2


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