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About me

Happy to see you here.

My name is Swati Gupta. Accomplished IT professional with 11 years of experience in Sitecore and .Net.

Strong knowledge in Sitecore structure and development with issue solving problems.

Strong Knowledge in .Net, with expertise in MVC, Sitecore, .Net, C#, jQuery, Knockout JS, WCF, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, Vue.js.


~ CMS - Sitecore version 10, 9, 8.0, 8.1,8.2
~ Web Technologies: Sitecore, JavaScript (Knockout JS, JQuery, JSON, Kendo-UI and AJAX), ASP.NET, MVC, WCF, HTML5, CSS, XML, and Bootstrap.
~ Project Management Tool: TFS, SVN, GIT.
~ Programming Languages: Sitecore, MVC, .NET, ASP.NET, C#, Kendo-UI, LINQ, Razor
~ Framework, Entity Framework, C and C++.
~ Database: SQL Server 2014/2008/2005.
~ Web Server: IIS 6 and above.
~ Knowledge base: Object oriented concepts, Database Management

I am Sitecore® 9.0 Platform Associate and Sitecore® Professional certified developer. 

I am sharing my experience and knowledge through blog. I hope you will enjoy it.



Unknown said…
Very useful details, thanks for sharing
Swati Gupta said…
Thank you so much for your appreciation
Anonymous said…
is there anyother way to connect with you ?
Swati Gupta said…
LinkedIn will be good platform

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