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Sitecore JSS create your first component

Sitecore JSS create your first component  In the previous blog , JSS setup has been done. Now it’s time to create your first component, apply the newly created component into a route and test it in disconnected mode. Scaffold the component To scaffold new component, JSS sample app providing a script which allows you to scaffold new component easily. This script is available in “/scripts/scaffold-component.js” you can customize it as per your requirement. Run below command to scaffold component, type jss scaffold and your component name like HeroBanner. This command will generate all files which are required. jss scaffold HeroBanner After the scaffold HeroBanner component you can see below files has been added into your JSS application: /sitecore/definitions/components/HeroBanner.sitecore.js /src/components/HeroBanner/index.js HeroBanner.sitecore.js will contain template name, icon, fields by default.  index.js will contain view of HeroBanner com