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Sitecore Publishing Service with Sitecore 9.2

Sitecore Publishing Service with Sitecore 9.2 Sitecore publishing service (SPS) 1.1 has been launched with Sitecore 8.2, it is an optional replacement of existing Sitecore publishing. Sitecore publishing service module reduces the time spend on publishing large volumes of items also it improves the user experience. SPS runs outside from the Content Management worker process as it SPS runs separate service and move data from master to web database. When Content Editor does any changes, CM server sends a signal to SPS that what changes had been done, then SPS will calculate a manifest of what needs to be publish. After publishing, SPS will send the signal to CM servers that what has been written so that they can update search indexes and clear affected cache, etc. The module has 2 parts. Sitecore Publishing Service Module Package Publishing Host Service Prerequisite .Net Core Sitecore Publishing Service Package Sitecore Publishing Service Module Ins