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Sitecore JSS create your first component

Sitecore JSS create your first component  In the previous blog , JSS setup has been done. Now it’s time to create your first component, apply the newly created component into a route and test it in disconnected mode. Scaffold the component To scaffold new component, JSS sample app providing a script which allows you to scaffold new component easily. This script is available in “/scripts/scaffold-component.js” you can customize it as per your requirement. Run below command to scaffold component, type jss scaffold and your component name like HeroBanner. This command will generate all files which are required. jss scaffold HeroBanner After the scaffold HeroBanner component you can see below files has been added into your JSS application: /sitecore/definitions/components/HeroBanner.sitecore.js /src/components/HeroBanner/index.js HeroBanner.sitecore.js will contain template name, icon, fields by default.  index.js will contain view of HeroBanner com

Sitecore Publishing Service with Sitecore 9.2

Sitecore Publishing Service with Sitecore 9.2 Sitecore publishing service (SPS) 1.1 has been launched with Sitecore 8.2, it is an optional replacement of existing Sitecore publishing. Sitecore publishing service module reduces the time spend on publishing large volumes of items also it improves the user experience. SPS runs outside from the Content Management worker process as it SPS runs separate service and move data from master to web database. When Content Editor does any changes, CM server sends a signal to SPS that what changes had been done, then SPS will calculate a manifest of what needs to be publish. After publishing, SPS will send the signal to CM servers that what has been written so that they can update search indexes and clear affected cache, etc. The module has 2 parts. Sitecore Publishing Service Module Package Publishing Host Service Prerequisite .Net Core Sitecore Publishing Service Package Sitecore Publishing Service Module Ins

What is a Sitecore Horizon???

What is a Sitecore Horizon??? Recently Sitecore launched Horizon Editor with Sitecore Experience Platform 9.3. Horizon is the next generation experience for web content management.  Horizon is a combination of Content editor and Experience Editor. Horizon is providing many features, but my personal favorite feature is auto-saved because in experience editor, the content editor needs to click on save after applying any changes.  Horizon is much more clean, simple. Horizon is proving below functionality: Autosave Customize the view Undo/Redo Delete a page or folder Create a page Change display name Edit a page Publish page Add rendering Page Editor Preview a site in Simulator View page insights Autosave Horizon editor saves your changes in every 2 seconds when you will complete editing in field. Customize the view Horizon editor will provide you the facility to adjust the view in different devices like in Phone, Tablet, Desktop. In ph

Sitecore 9 Forms: Robot detection

Sitecore 9 Forms: Robot detection As you know Sitecore 9 does not provide “Update Contact details” out of box but Sitecore is providing code for that which you can find from here In my current project, I am using Sitecore 9.0.2 and using the same code which Sitecore is providing for Update Contact. Recently I faced an issue where the form is getting spammed.  After some investigation, I found IsRobot function which is a helper method of Sitecore.Analytics.Pipelines.ClassificationStrategy.ContactClassification class.  This helper methods take the contact classification as a parameter and return a Boolean value which indicates whether the contact is a robot or not. public static bool IsRobot(int classification); Below is a code of UpdateContact: namespace Sitecore.ExperienceForms.Samples.SubmitActions { /// <summary> /// Submit action for updating <see cref="PersonalInformation"/> and <see cref="EmailAddressList"/

Sitecore 9 Forms: Google reCaptcha field

Sitecore 9 Forms: Google reCaptcha field  Re-Captcha is the most important part of any form’s submission. Google reCaptcha run internet bot detector and determined whether a user is a bot or not.  Sitecore Forms does not provide Google reCaptcha field, which was available in WFFM before, so I have created my custom Google reCaptcha.   Below you can find step by step process to create Google reCaptcha field. Create patch config for reCaptcha Sitekey and SecretKey <?xml version="1.0"?> <configuration xmlns:patch="" xmlns:set=""> <sitecore> <settings> <setting name="ReCaptchaSiteKey" value="site-key" /> <setting name="ReCaptchaSecretKey" value="secret-key" /> </settings> </sitecore> </configuration> Create new viewmodel class RecaptchaViewMode